Thursday, June 09, 2005

TQR Business Structure

TQR Business Structure
Committee of Conscious Black Afrikan American People will provide leadership.

TQR Management Structure
President & CEO
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President Of Legal Affairs
Vice President Of Marketing
Vice President Of Human Resource
Vice President Of Technology
Vice President Of Business Development

TQR Staff
Staff Accounts
Administrative Staff
Legal Staff
Marketing Staff
Human Resource Staff
Technology Staff
Research Staff

Political & Law Institute

Education Institute

Economic Development Institute
#1 Independent Accounting Firm
#2 Independent Accounting Firm

Security Institute

Medical, Social & Research Institute

30 Local Branches of Each Institute in Each City with Staff
All employees will be required to complete an orientation that teaches them about TQR and ensures that a complete education and training takes place. Without this orientation, our enemies will create confusing and attack TQR.

Charles E. Cambpell