Monday, June 06, 2005

TQR 7th Post: Educational Institute

Education Institute

The Educational Institute is critical for the re-education and training of Black Afrikan Americans to begin to operate in their own group best interest. We must relearn how to love ourselves, protect ourselves, support ourselves, empower ourselves and treat ourselves. Psychological program applied to enslaved Black Afrikans and their descendents is what has maintained Black Afrikan Americans at the bottom of everything positive, such as wealth, power, income, education, home, business and land ownership, while maintaining us at the top of every negative category, such as crime, incarceration, unemployment, infant mortality, poverty, drug addition, foster care, homelessness, domestic violence and life expectancy.

Education Institute will identify up to Two Million Black Afrikan American Youth and Adults who want to study in a specific area where there is a clear identified need for those professional in Black Communities. TQR will recruit and train our people to become conscious professionals such as lawyers, physicians, business persons, engineers, nurses, social workers, technical tradesperson, criminal justice personnel, teachers, administrators, construction workers, mechanics, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, welders, painters, electrician, chefs, commercial pilots, ship operators, bankers, accountants, farmers, researchers, politicians and truck drivers. The Education Institute will create four Black Boarding Schools for the purpose of preparing our young men and women for college or job training.

Education Institute will build Three Regional Empowerment Training Centers, where all orientations for new employees and TQR Members will be conducted. Training will be required as process to teach appropriate group behavior. Entire families will attend these centers for up to four weeks. The Training Centers will provide education, food, shelter and skill trainings.

Education Institute will identify and establish partnerships with 50 Historically Black Colleges and Universities that are willing to support TQR and empowerment of Black Afrikan American Students. These universities will become apart of an empowering academic and entertainment setting. We will support and promote their athletics and academic programs. Through research at these colleges and universities, we will create innovative products and services, which lead to businesses and manufacturing opportunities in Black Afrikan American Communities.

Education Institute will purchase or build 30 Black Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools in the 30 identified Cities. If we are going to empower ourselves, were must control the education of our children. A race of people who allow their children to be educated under a system that was designed and created by their historic oppressors are foolish. If you examine our current state as it relates to groups, we are almost last, if not last in every category being measured by school standards. No other group of people engaged in such inappropriate behavior, except Black Afrikan Americans. If you control what a child is being taught, you can ensure that they will behavior in a positive and constructive manner. Right knowledge leads to right thinking, which leads to empowering actions. Black Afrikan Americans have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Education Institute will provide training for our children and adults to help them learn how to operate in new environment and consciousness such as Rites Of Passage, decision making, anger management, parenting education, counseling and Spirituality, but will never teach any particular religions. It will allow supporters to worship whatever religion they choose. Religion is the organization of spirituality used by the oppressor to control those they oppress. Religion has been used and will continue to be used as a divide and conquer strategy. Those who enslaved Black Afrikans and their descendents also gave us their religion, which does little to empower Black Afrikan Americans. These training centers will use the same material, policies, practices and information. All information will be design to create a Black Afrikan American Conscious Person, who will use their money, wealth, education, knowledge and skills for the empowerment of their people.

Charles E. Campbell


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