Saturday, June 04, 2005

TQR 4th Post: TQR Training Centers

Regional Empowerment Centers

TQR Regional Empowerment Centers

It is critical that you understand that TQR must develop and implement a process that creates a Black African Consciousness, by exposing Black People to their history and knowledge of our greatest thinkers, even in those who already consider themselves conscious. Everyone, including our great scholars, thinkers, employees, administrators, professionals, and supporters will be required to complete a four week orientation in one of the three Regional Empowerment Centers. One will be located in the Northeast, Mid-south and West Coast. The centers will be large enough to house over 10,000 people and their families. They will operate Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools. They will provide employee orientations and important information about Black African and African American History. All Regional Empowerment Centers will teach everyone the same information through the use of videotapes, audiotapes, books, music and training. They will learn about the strategies that will be used to attack TQR and how to respond. The regional centers will offer Black African Spiritual Liberation Messages, but will not require anyone to participate or change their current religious affiliations.

Our historic enemies and their Black Samboes will use every old and new trick to destroy TQR, starting with the Regional Empowerment Centers. TQR is not an attack against anyone. It is a solution to Empower Black Afrikan American People. TQR is about doing for self, self-love, Black Empowerment and that is what will scare the HELL out of everyone who want things to stay the same. TQR is a voluntary process! No one is mandated to support TQR and therefore no one should have a problem with Black African People getting up off their knees and stop begging our historic oppressor to take care of us.

Dr. Amos Wilson in his book, Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Verse The New World Order – Garveyism in the Age of Globalism- Psychosociohistory and Power as Cultural Creations on page 117-118, explained the need to develop a consciousness in this way. “Most importantly, the thing we must note is that personality, consciousness and culture are cultural creations. The type of cultural people exhibit, the type of consciousness we exhibit the type of personality we exhibit, reflects the type of history and experience we have undergone as a people. When we let another people be the determiners of our history and experience, they then become the determiners of our consciousness, our personality, and our culture. Ultimately, we must recognize that we use consciousness to deal with the world. Culture is an adaptive tool; it’s an instrument by which we deal with reality, by which we adapt to reality and by which we adapt reality to ourselves. The kind of consciousness we have will determine how we deal with reality. Consciousness, then, in the fact that it determines how we are going to deal with reality, how we change reality, is a POWER.

Categorically, POWER is about engaging something to take place, the ability to change oneself in order to solve a problem. And therefore consciousness must be measured in terms of the degree to which it maintains our survival, advances our interest, puts us at the center of our concerns and at the center of our purposes.” What was done to enslaved Afrikan and their descendents was systematic. TQR Empowerment Centers will attempt to correct what was done to us through the enslavement process.


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