Wednesday, June 01, 2005

TQR Black Empowerment

Dear Black Afrikan and Afrikan American People:

My name is Charles E. Campbell and I am a Conscious Black African American Man. I attended and graduated from Jackson State University 87-90’ and Ohio State University 90-92’ with degrees in Social Work. I operate Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc. (WBS, Inc.) an umbrella company, under which I am developing my own proposals, inventions, products and service ideas. After reading Black Labor White Wealth and PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson, I was compelled to take positive action. The Quiet Resolution “TQR” outlines a national plan of action to improve the lives of Black African American People, starting in 30 cities. TQR is Not An Attempt To Reinvent The Wheel.

I love Black People and believe that my purpose in life is to use my talents, knowledge and skills for our uplift and empowerment. TQR is a national plan to help Black Afrikan American People uplift themselves, Politically, Legally, Economically, Socially, Educationally and Medically, utilizing the Principles of PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson, the philosophy of Marcus Garvey, the courage of Huey P. Newton and economic action strategy of the Greenwood Community of Tulsa Oklahoma also known as Black Wall Street. The Quiet Resolution will use a proven method to generate economic dollars on a monthly basis and redistributed those funds back by five national institutions, to 30 local branches of those institutions in the 30 cities that have the largest Black Populations. Those resources will be used in Black Communities in those cities to empower and improve the conditions of Black People. TQR will also create partnership opportunities for Black Business Owners and Black Farmers to support TQR by allowing them to contribute 20% of their monthly revenue for the implementation of TQR, in exchange for capital investments, referrals, training, marketing and promotion of their businesses. Resources would also be used to build hospitals, schools, and businesses, manufacturing and processing plants that employ Black People. It will also identify and educate 2 million Black Students to create Conscious Black Professionals, who will provide the skills and services we need. TQR will be marketed to Black People as one option for self-empowerment and uplift. It is not the only action plan for Black Empowerment. The goal of TQR is to identify One Million Conscious Black People, who are willing to contribute $20 per month through a Bank Draft Authorization Form process. All funds will be used to finance the implementation of The Quiet Resolution (TQR).

TQR will require your money (Only $20 per month), your expertise, love, guidance and support in this effort. TQR will create a Committee Of Conscious Black People (Board Of Directors) to assist with its development and implementation. Despite the personal and professional attacks that we expect to receive from White and Black People who will attempt to coarse, threaten or harm us personally and professionally, we will remain resolute. I submit my life to the implementation of The Quiet Resolution. TQR will be implemented in order to benefit current and future generations of Black People. We will not allow fear to stifle our progress. TQR is being published as a means to generate funding for implementation. You have my permission to make copies of TQR for mass redistribution, without changing, omitting or editing the text.

With Respect and Hope,
One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell, President & CEO
Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc.


At June 02, 2005, Blogger Adia Creator said...

I like your convictions. Nice blog; keep it going!

At November 28, 2007, Blogger jjjessijess said...


I read your postings on and decided to respond to you personally. I am a 3rd year student at the University of Arizona studying medicine. I am writing you only because I take offence to the comments you made about BW/WM relationships as someone who has dated white and has every intention of marrying white. Black men have never protected or loved their women, NEVER!!! From the day it seems that we were set free from the master's captive BM have set out on exploiting, dehumanizing, and demeaning the very women who gave birth to them. If you question this, turn on BET and/or MTV right now...nuff said.

I do find it sad that there will be a dramatic "flight" of black women "away" from BM, but this trend has started with black men. I've encourage my younger sister to date white and to do all she can to stay thin and attractive.

I really do pray for the plight of black men, but after centuries of being disregarded and disrespected, I appauld my sisters for taking a major step toward loving themselves more!!!

All the best to you,


At November 29, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Sister jjjwaaijess

After 300 years of not being able to love, protect and cherrish the Black Woman, White Men set us free. Who! Reprogrammed us to love Black Women. Our oppressor descendent are no different. You dishonor your Black Ancestors when you turn to them for love and protections. I hope that you read what White Men did to Black Women and then you will understand what they are doing systematically to Black Men. It's a simply strategy. To destroy the Black Family, attack the Black Man, because without him, there will be no role model for Black Boys and no example for Black Girls to watch. How do you destroy the Black Man, simple. Attack Black Boys in Elementary, Middle and High Schools. They'll never make it to college in any significant numbers. Allow the Black Girl to excell, because she demonstrates the behavior of White Girls. White People through their racist policies have create the conditions bywhich many young Black Boys find themselves locked out of jobs and opportunties, except for the illegal drug trade (Trap). With a so call war of drugs and war on terror, have you ever asked yourself how so many drugs keep coming into the Black Community. These drug dealers don't ask for an application, wheather you can read or write, no dress code for work. Who created these conditions? The very White Men you want to love.

I'm not trying to judge you my sister. I don't agree with the inappropriate relationship behavior of some Black Men. I just have an undrstanding of why and who is responsible. Turning over the education of Black Children to White People was one of the greatest mistakes Black People ever made. 50 Years later are you satisfied with the results. I'm not! They waste time learning so much nonsense, yet how to love a Black Woman in a committed relationships has never been taught. I have learned to love that which I can never change: Being Black! I will never trust the descendents of my people's historical oppressors, because when you pet a cobra, don't be suprised when it bits and kills you.

One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment

Charles E. Campbell Purchase My Cd Projects MSB Website -A National Black Empowerment Plan - Listen To My Anti-Sambo Song - The Quiet Resolution (TQR) Blog - Open your Black Afrikan Mind to A Black Liberation Theology - 1 Black Afrikan Man's Opinion Blog The Black Matrix- A Book by Franklin G. Jones that explains the Black Folks Conditions

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