Thursday, June 02, 2005

TQR 2nd Post

The Quiet Resolution (TQR)

The Quiet Resolution (TQR) is a National Black Empowerment Plan that seeks to empower Black Afrikan Americans, by creating five national institutions that specifically address the needs of Black People. The five institutes are 1. Economic Development 2. Education 3. Security 4. Political and Legal 5. Social, Medical and Research. TQR will select 30 Cities with the largest Black Populations and have branches of each institute located in those cities. These instates will form the base for an economic system that will create businesses and provide services, which will allow Black Dollars to be used between 10 to 25 times.

We will seek to support and fund TQR in several ways. First TQR will identify one million Black People who understand the crisis occurring in the Black Community and are willing to voluntarily donate $20.00 or more on a monthly basis. The second method of funding will come from the businesses that TQR will create. The third funding stream will come from existing businesses that want to support TQR. They will sign a 20% Agreement, which will allow them to receive support to grow their business and in return they will contribute 20% of their revenue to TQR.

TQR structure will start with a Conscious Black Committee and operate like a for profit business network with a membership. The goals of TQR are to Empower Black People in all areas where there is a great need.

Charles E. Campbell


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