Wednesday, June 08, 2005

TQR 9th Post: Political and Legal Institute

Politics and Legal Institute

The Political and Law Institute will be the leadership development Institute. It will select and train Black Afrikan American 100,000 Students interested in politics, law and leadership from all the other institutes. These Conscious Professionals will create a Black National Political Party with offices in the identified cities. It will also fund and support Conscious Black Afrikan Americans Candidates for public elections. They will advocate for the interest of Black Afrikan American People nationally and locally. This new leadership will not be afraid to fight for the rights and interest of their people. They will not use broad terms such as minority, diversity or multiculturalism. There are many other groups who advocate affectively for those groups, including many current Black Politicians, who do little or nothing to elevate the acute suffering or provide any significant economic opportunities for Black African American People.

Politics and Legal Institute will establish a Register Voter’s Card for Registered Voters, which will be sold for $10 and appreciate in value due to marketed discounts from TQR Businesses. They will register and educate their people to vote as a block for their own interest.
Politics and Legal Institute will develop policies that promote justice and empowerment for Black Afrikan American People. It will track incarceration rates, fight injustices and litigate incidents that disempower Black Afrikan American People, Businesses and Communities. No longer will Black Afrikan Americans be taken advantage of due to the lack of competent, conscious Black Afrikan American Professionals Lawyers. The Educational Institute will include a Law School in the graduate school that it creates.

Charles E. Campbell