Friday, June 03, 2005

TQR 3rd Post: TQR Goals

TQR will be guide by the achievement of these specific goals.
TQR Goals To Be Accomplished

1. TQR will identify One Million Conscious Black People (CBP) who wants to support the Implementation of proposal. Contributing will be strictly a voluntary effort and will be promoted as such.

2. TQR will establish Five National Black Institutions (Black Think Tanks) that will Advocate Only for Black People in the following areas: (1) Economic Development, (2) Education, (3) Politics and Legal, (4) Medical, Social and Research, and (5) Security. Each institute will have one local branch in each of the identified 30 Cities. They will collaborate and coordinate their efforts and resources with each other for the specific benefit of Black People on a national, state and local level.

3. TQR will identify Two Million Black Youth and Adults, who want to study in specific fields such as: Law, Finance, Education, Economics, Politics, Engineering, Teaching, Media, Manufacturing, Technology, Entertainment, Business, Medicine, Dentistry, Technicians, Agricultural, Leadership, Law Enforcement, Security, Construction & Trades, and Sports, ect. They will be supported and taught their history and culture. They will be prepared to assume leadership positions on a national, state and local level and to use their education, knowledge and skills specifically for the uplift and empowerment of Black People, in a Black Community. TQR will help them gain a Black Consciousness and will create economic opportunities for them to reinvest their knowledge.

4. TQR will implement and promote the Bank Draft Authorization Form and Payroll Deduction / Contribution for the purpose of collecting a total of $20 on a monthly basis from One Million or More Conscious Black People. The goal is have 1 million Conscious Black People return the complete Bank Draft Authorization Form, or through their employee payroll deduction/ contribution process. TQR will be officially launched and implemented starting Jan. 1, 2009. A Board of Directors and Management Staff will be chosen. The five national and 150 local branches will be established. All management and employees will be fully trained by June 1, 2009.

5. TQR will establish New Black Businesses and Partner with Existing Black Businesses that are willing to contribute 20% of their Monthly Business Revenue to TQR, in exchange for support, marketing, referrals and financial investments in their business.

6. TQR will identify and label all Black Communities in the 30 Identified Cities. The cities are listed here: (1) Detroit, MI; (2) New York, NY; (3) Chicago, IL; (4) Philadelphia, PA; (5) Gary, IN; (6) Los Angeles, CA; (7) Houston, TX; (8) Washington, DC; (9) Baltimore, MD; (10) Inglewood, CA; (11) Memphis, TN; (12) Dallas, TX; (13) Atlanta, GA; (14) New Orleans, LA; (15) Cleveland, OH; (16) St. Louis, MO; (17) Milwaukee, WI; (18) Jacksonville, FL; (19) Jackson, MS; (20) Norfolk, VA; (21) Buffalo, NY; (22) Highland Park, MI, (23) Birmingham, AL; (24) Cincinnati, OH; (Compiled by Dr. Claud Anderson)
(25) Columbus, OH; (26) Charlotte, NC; (27) San Francisco, CA; (28) Seattle, WA (29) Hartford, CT; (30) Indianapolis, IN. (Selected by Charles E. Campbell)
TQR support will not be limited to these cities. It will seek to add an additional 30 cities, after the implementation of the goals in the first 30 Identified Cities.

7. TQR will establish a National Black Credit Union with 30 local branches in the identified cities, for the purpose of collecting and redistributing Black Wealth.

8. TQR will establish a National Black Daily News Paper “Black America Today” and create or partner with existing Black Newspapers in the local 30 Cities.

9. TQR will establish a National Black Broadcasting Company “Black Broadcasting Network (BBN)” and create partnerships with Black Entrepreneurs to start or support 30 local affiliates in the identified local 30 Cities.

10. TQR will create and expand the PowerNomics Radio Network Programming to those local identified cities.

11. TQR will establish a Security Companies to provide safety and security for our new leadership, communities, institutions and businesses in the identified local 30 Cities.

12. TQR will identify and establish partnerships with 50 Historically Black Colleges and Universities for the purpose of creating Conscious Black Professionals to provide services and leadership in Black Communities.

13. TQR will establish four Specialized Black Boarding Schools that will focus on security, law and politics, medical, education, technology, media and sports.

14. TQR will purchase or build a total of thirty private elementary, thirty private middle and thirty private high schools within the identified 30 Cities to start and more when feasible.

15. TQR will created at least Three Hundred Black Retail Businesses in the identified Black Communities, starting with grocery and convenience stores, hospitals, dental and medical clinics, pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants, newspapers, television stations, insurance companies, Black Credit Unions, entertainment facilities, professional firms, car dealership, child care centers, manufacturing and processing plants and elderly care facilities. All these businesses and their employees will commit to doing businesses with each other.

16. TQR will purchase or build Three Regional Training Centers to help Black People become physically and mentally healthy. They will assist those who have a history of incarceration, drug abuse, homelessness and being abuse. These centers will teach social skills, Black History and Consciousness, employment and entrepreneurial skills.

17. TQR will establish a National Black Political Party with local branches in the identified 30 Cities. These candidates will seek local, state and national offices to represent Black People.

18. TQR will challenge unconstitutional laws and policies that unjustly target Black People. (Criminal and civil laws and political policies)

19. TQR will only support existing Black Organizations that address Black People’s Issues and Concerns, Not Minority, Cultural Diversity or Multicultural Issues. TQR will respect other organizations efforts to advocate for all people and will Not engage in nonproductive debate or argument, which would continue the divide and conquer strategy.

20. TQR will build One Black University “Kemet University” with graduates and professional degree departments, such as Medical, MBAs, Law, Engineering, and Economics.

21. TQR will establish a Black Corporate America (BCA) Concept, by creating and growing Small Black Businesses into corporate companies. These companies will practice Black Capitalism - A Group Based Economic Behavior System that is dependent on Black People’s infinite ideas, hard work, money, resources and knowledge, which allows us to own, produce, manufacture, distribute and sell our goods and services to support the development of a new social system that promotes group-based ownership in the areas of economics, business, health, education Wealth, security and political leadership and promotes trust, and cooperation, thereby eliminating of Samboism, Individualism and Greed. The Economic Development Institute will help Black People who have creative services and product ideas develop business plan, capital investments, engineering, accountants and other professionals needed to create products and services that would lead to the creation of jobs in Black African American Communities. A Profit Sharing Agreement will require a 60 percent for inventor/ entrepreneur and 40 percent to TQR.

TQR will always operate as a for profit organization. Initial funds will be used to establish a National Board Of Directors, office, professional staff and to hire two Black Accounting Firms.


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