Thursday, June 16, 2005

TQR Conclusion


The Quiet Resolution (TQR) is a NATIONAL ACTION PLAN, which seeks to uplift and empower Black African American People in the areas of economics, politics, law, health, research, education, security and socially. TQR is a voluntary plan and Will Not Require approval nor the Cooperation of All Black People. Conscious Black Afrikan Americans will choose to support TQR, but others will not.

The Quiet Resolution (TQR) welcomes the support of those Black Afrikan Americans who are willing to make a financially commitment to TQR, but Will Not Argue or Debate with those who choose not to support or attack TQR. If you agree with this plan, complete the Bank Draft Authorization Form (BDAF), take it to your bank or credit union and send me an email at and keep a copy for your records.

The first step is for TQR is to, collect funds for initial startup cost and begin implementation and create the Committee of Conscious Black People. TQR will accept $20 from individuals and would appreciate any contribution amount the amount they want to contribute beyond the $20.00 amount. Anyone will be allowed to contribute to this plan regardless of his or her race, creed or color, but all funds will be redistributed to support TQR Institutions and their goals to empower Black Afrikan American People. Financial support will forever remain voluntary. I am not seeking prestige, political office, recognition or profit from this process. I love Black African and Afrikan American People and can no longer tolerate the suffering that we endure. I pledge my life to this effort and I expect 1 Million or More Conscious Black Afrikan American People to support and continue to TQR. If I should be killed or incarcerated for my efforts with TQR, follow the advice of the Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clark, who said, "Bury the Man and Continue the Plan".

Black Afrikan American People generate an estimated 600 to 800 Billion Dollars annually, and less that 10% of that remains in the hands of Black Afrikan American People in Black Communities. This is inappropriate behavior that contributes to own destruction. Those who get the other 90% will use every means at their disposal to attack and destroy TQR and anyone associated with it. You can help by completing the Bank Draft Authorization Form after TQR is implemented and supporting TQR Businesses. Together we can make a collective difference.

TQR will function as an Independent Black Afrikan American Economic Empowerment System. TQR vision is to create a better world for Black Afrikan American People in the present and future.

One People, One Love, One Goal!
Black Empowerment

Hotep and Respect!

Charles E. Campbell


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At September 24, 2007, Blogger 1 Black Afrikan American Man's Opinion said...

TQR is the Real Deal, though not implemented yet.

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