Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Flint Children
Is President Obama Accountable For Not Doing Anything To help Flint Residents in 2014?

In 2014, the Obama Administration was contacted weekly by Flint City Councilman Wantwaz Davis.  This is now 2016! What did the Obama Administration know and when did they know?  The news media is refusing to hold the President accountable for stopping the poisoning of a community with of majority Black African American Population. Why? 
Many Blacks have a deep need to make excuses for the President's Poor Leadership when it comes to issues related to Black African American People.  I bet, if it was their parents, grandparents, or children drinking water with lead and other harmful chemicals, they would not be so quick to allow this issue to be swept under the rug.  Where is “Black Lives Matter”?  They are silent on this issues, why? I have not seen the usual suspect rush to Flint (Jesse, Al, Marc, Minister, Cornell) for the cameras.

Flint's Mayor's Voice Mail is full to ensure that no one can reach her office. That is a mark of poor leadership.  If Mr. Davis raised this issue, in 2014, what did the Mayor know, when did she know and what did she do about it?  She is saying that it will cost $1.5 Billion Dollars to repair the problems in Flint.  I believe it can be done for less than $100 Million Dollars and completed within 6 months and I have tried to contact the Mayor's office without a response.  I suspect that greed is involved in this process and that the people in Flint are ponds in a game designed to enrich lots of people waiting at the trough of $1.5 Billion Dollars. Shame!

Whether its Ferguson, Missouri, where municipalities were allowed to oppress and target Blacks with traffic stops and impose outrageous fines and fees, or Benton Harbor, MI where Rev. Ed. Pinkney was unfairly lynched by a corrupt group of elected officials and judges, mass incarceration of Blacks, crisis level national shooting of unarmed Blacks by Racist Cops and refusal to file charges by racist prosecutors or no help with foreclose relief, President Obama has intentionally Neglected Black African Americans and we still love him for that.  So why should Whites have any obligation to address and solve the issues of Black African Americans when we will reward them with our political support, admiration and love regardless.  Sound like Brainwashed Behavior to me.
A race that does not have the moral courage to protect it's children from drinking poison or being murdered like dogs, has no respect and deserves none from any other race.  Black Politicians, Pimps, Preachers and Lawyers all share common traits and skills that allow them to manipulate lots of Black People for their own personal gain and profit, while offering nothing of substance in return. Many of them lack the morale courage to stand up, are easily corruptible and are just plain cowards.  Know them by their action or lack thereof.

When White America enters a Recession, Black African Americans enter a Depression.  The Economic Recovery has not trickled down to Blacks just yet and if the prediction of another White Recession due to China's Economy Slow Down, then Blacks could be on the verge of more suffering.  That will be the legacy of the first Bi-Racial President of America.  The world will view him through the lens of what he did or did not do to address the suffering of Black African Americans, who helped him out of Chicago to The White House.  Black African Americans got lots of Hope, but No Change! We were pimped and hustled at the highest political level. 

Former Attorney General Eric Holder ignored Councilman Davis request for help and finally asked him to contact Michigan State Police, but took no action to protect the people of Flint. The President took a sworn oath to protect All White Citizens from their enemies, both foreign and domestic. Too bad, that oath did not apply to Black African Americans. The National Media will continue to cover up the truth about President Obama’s Administration’s Role in allowing Flint Residence to suffer and die, while ignoring their cries for help. I have no respect for anyone who places politics above human life and suffering and as a Race Man, I don’t care what office, religion or position her or she holds.

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Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO
The Quiet Resolution, (TQR., inc)