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The Quiet Resolution (TQR)

Revise 10-06-07

Black Fist – Symbolizing a unified people with TQR written across the knuckles.

TQR Logo: 30 Dots connected to 5 Dots Positioned Above them.
The Quiet Resolution (TQR)
Black Empowerment

Economics, Security, Education, Social, Health, Research, Politics and Law

Written By: Charles E. Campbell

1 People, 1 Love, 1 Goal : Black Empowerment


TQR is Black Empowerment!



Summary Of The Quiet Resolution (TQR)

Chapter 1 Foundation and Structure

Chapter 2 Economic Empowerment Institute

Chapter 3 Education Institute

Chapter 4 Security Institute

Chapter 5 Medical, Social and Research Institute

Chapter 6 Politics and Law Institute

Chapter 7 Where the Money Goes

Chapter 8 Resolution

TQR Regional Empowerment Centers

Appendix A Bank Draft Authorization Forms

Appendix B Revenue Flow Model

Dear Friends:

My name is Charles E. Campbell and I am a Conscious Black African American Man. I attended and graduated from Jackson State University 87-90’ and Ohio State University 90-92’ with degrees in Social Work. I operate Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc. (WBS, Inc.) an umbrella company, under which I am developing my own proposals, inventions, products and service ideas. After reading Black Labor White Wealth and PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson, I was compelled to take positive action. The Quiet Resolution “TQR” outlines a national plan of action to improve the lives of Black African American People, starting in 30 cities. TQR is Not An Attempt To Reinvent The Wheel.

I love Black People and believe that my purpose in life is to use my talents, knowledge and skills for our uplift and empowerment. TQR is a national plan to help Black Afrikan American People uplift themselves, Politically, Legally, Economically, Socially, Educationally and Medically, utilizing the Principles of PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson, the philosophy of Marcus Garvey, the courage of Huey P. Newton and economic action strategy of the Greenwood Community of Tulsa Oklahoma also known as Black Wall Street. The Quiet Resolution will use a proven method to generate economic dollars on a monthly basis and redistributed those funds back by five national institutions, to 30 local branches of those institutions in the 30 cities that have the largest Black Populations. Those resources will be used in Black Communities in those cities to empower and improve the conditions of Black People. TQR will also create partnership opportunities for Black Business Owners and Black Farmers to support TQR by allowing them to contribute 20% of their monthly revenue for the implementation of TQR, in exchange for capital investments, referrals, training, marketing and promotion of their businesses. Resources would also be used to build hospitals, schools, and businesses, manufacturing and processing plants that employ Black People. It will also identify and educate 2 million Black Students to create Conscious Black Professionals, who will provide the skills and services we need. TQR will be marketed to Black People as one option for self-empowerment and uplift. It is not the only action plan for Black Empowerment. The goal of TQR is to identify One Million Conscious Black People, who are willing to contribute $20 per month through a Bank Draft Authorization Form process. All funds will be used to finance the implementation of The Quiet Resolution (TQR).

TQR will require your money (Only $20 per month), your expertise, love, guidance and support in this effort. TQR will create a Committee Of Conscious Black People (Board Of Directors) to assist with its development and implementation. Despite the personal and professional attacks that we expect to receive from White and Black People who will attempt to coarse, threaten or harm us personally and professionally, we will remain resolute. I submit my life to the implementation of The Quiet Resolution. TQR will be implemented in order to benefit current and future generations of Black People. We will not allow fear to stifle our progress. TQR is being published as a means to generate funding for implementation. You have my permission to make copies of TQR for mass redistribution, without changing, omitting or editing the text.

With Respect and Hope,
One Love, One People, One Goal: Black Empowerment
Charles E. Campbell, President & CEO
Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc.

TQR Acknowledgements

I want to acknowledge my Afrikan and Afrikan American Ancestors who have influenced me personally, through their writing and or their actions. I owe you much! I want to acknowledge Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. John Henrik Clark, Dr. Carter G. Wilson, William (Bill) Moss, Dr. Claud Anderson, Nat Turner, Salomon Gault, J.D., Ida B. Wells Barnett, Fannie Lou Hamer, Marcus M. Garvey, Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Dudley Allen, Dr. Billy Roby, Marty Trussell, Lonzo Allen and Dannie Wilson. All of these people have shaped my development, growth and consciousness in a significant way.

I stand on their shoulders and require their strength to fight for the Empowerment of Black Afrikan American People.


Summary Of The Quiet Resolution (TQR)

The Quiet Resolution (TQR) is a National Black Empowerment Plan that seeks to empower Black Afrikan Americans, by creating five national institutions that specifically address the needs of Black People. The five institutes are 1. Economic Development 2. Education 3. Security 4. Political and Legal 5. Social, Medical and Research. TQR will select 30 Cities with the largest Black Populations and have branches of each institute located in those cities. These instates will form the base for an economic system that will create businesses and provide services, which will allow Black Dollars to be used between 10 to 25 times.

We will seek to support and fund TQR in several ways. First TQR will identify one million Black People who understand the crisis occurring in the Black Community and are willing to voluntarily donate $20.00 or more on a monthly basis. The second method of funding will come from the businesses that TQR will create. The third funding stream will come from existing businesses that want to support TQR. They will sign a 20% Agreement, which will allow them to receive support to grow their business and in return they will contribute 20% of their revenue to TQR.

TQR structure will start with a Conscious Black Committee and operate like a for profit business network with a membership. The goals of TQR are to Empower Black People in all areas where there is a great need.

Chapter 1

The Quiet Resolution (TQR)

The Quiet Resolution (TQR) is a National Empowerment Plan written specifically for the empowerment and uplift of Black Afrikan American People. It is an ACTION PLAN written by Charles E. Campbell, President & CEO of Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc., after reading Black Labor White Wealth and PowerNomics, by Dr. Claud Anderson. TQR will require the support of Conscious Black Afrikan People. After reading TQR and you want to support our efforts, complete the Bank Draft Authorization Forms to us. TQR requires that you voluntarily send money to financial support our stated goals. It has taken hundreds of years of social engineering by our historic oppressors to create the conditions that exist for Black People in America, but we can change our social and economic conditions in a matter of one decade. This is a long-term plan that must continue long after this generation is gone. TQR will create five national institutions with local branches of those institutions in 30 cities with the largest Black Populations. These institutions and their branches will never be sold, compromised or under funded. Their specific mission will be to advocate and empower Black People in the areas of health and medicine, education, economic, security, social, political, research and law. TQR will start with 30 cities.

TQR will establish a foundation upon which to build the institutions that will collect, secure, account for and redistribute money back to TQR Local Institutions for the purpose of purchasing land, building schools, businesses, training centers, and social service agencies, hospitals, clinics, research and manufacturing facilities that promote Black Empowerment. TQR will create a Committee Of Conscious Black People to assist with its development and implementation. We will hire Black Afrikan Americans for every position. TQR is not and must never become a nonprofit institutions, but will operate some nonprofit businesses. Anyone will be able to volunteer to contribute $20.00, but the resources will only be used for the uplift and empowerment of Black People. Money will be spent with Black Businesses that have 20% Agreements to support TQR. Those who oppose TQR will use personal, professional and legal attacks and divide and conquer, which has been extremely effective in the past.

Each national and local branch will have the same structure and operation procedures. The national office will streamline all procedures and provide all training for each local branch. All local branch officers will be employees of TQR. They will rotate from branch to branch on an annual or as need basis. This will prevent the corruption of individuals or groups of individuals by anyone trying to destroy TQR. Because every branch will operate the same, this will allow them operate the same. All TQR Conscious Black Committee Members and staff will be employed by TQR. They must complete employee orientation at The Regional Empowerment Centers. Anyone affiliated with TQR will be required to complete orientation. It will include students, teachers, employees, business owners and their staff and TQR professionals. Those who contribute to TQR will receive information on the implementation and access to TQR services, programs and businesses. We will ensure that everyone who supports TQR has similar knowledge sufficiently to teach self love and encourage them to operate in Black People’s self interest.

TQR will achieve these specific goals.
1. TQR will identify One Million Conscious Black Afrikan American People (CBAAP) who wants to support the Implementation of The Quiet Resolution Action Plan, by voluntarily contributing a minimum of $20.00 per month to support TQR.
2. TQR will establish Five National Black Institutions (Black Think Tanks) that will Advocate Only for Black Afrikan American People in the following areas: (1) Economic Development, (2) Education, (3) Politics and Law, (4) Medical, Social and Research, and (5) Security. Each institute will have one local branch in each of the identified 30 Cities. They will collaborate and coordinate their efforts and resources with each other for the specific benefit of Black People on a national, state and local level.
3. TQR will identify Two Million Black Afrikan American Children and Adults, who want to study in specific fields such as: Law, Finance, Education, Economics, Politics, Engineering, Education, Communication, Manufacturing, Technology, Entertainment, Business, Medicine, Dentistry, Technicians, Agricultural, Leadership, Law Enforcement, Security, Construction & Trades, and Sports, ect. They will be supported and taught their history and culture. They will be prepared to assume leadership positions on a national, state and local level in their community and to use their education, knowledge and skills specifically for the uplift and empowerment of Black People. TQR will help them gain a Black Afrikan Consciousness and will create economic opportunities for them to work and reinvest after graduating.
4. TQR will implement and promote the Bank Draft Authorization Form for the purpose of collecting a minimal of $20 per monthly from One Million or More Black Afrikan American People. The goal is have a minimum of One Million Black Afrikan People return the complete Bank Draft Authorization Form to support TQR.
5. TQR will establish New Black Businesses and Partner with Existing Black Businesses who are willing to contribute 20% of their Monthly Business Revenue to TQR, in exchange for financial investments, support, marketing and customer referrals to their business after signing a Win/Win Agreement!
6. TQR will identify and label all Black Communities in the 30 Identified Cities. The cities are listed here: (1) Detroit, MI; (2) New York, NY; (3) Chicago, IL; (4) Philadelphia, PA; (5) Gary, IN; (6) Los Angeles, CA; (7) Houston, TX; (8) Washington, DC; (9) Baltimore, MD; (10) Inglewood, CA; (11) Memphis, TN; (12) Dallas, TX; (13) Atlanta, GA; (14) New Orleans, LA; (15) Cleveland, OH; (16) St. Louis, MO; (17) Milwaukee, WI; (18) Jacksonville, FL; (19) Jackson, MS; (20) Norfolk, VA; (21) Buffalo, NY; (22) Highland Park, MI, (23) Birmingham, AL; (24) Cincinnati, OH; (Compiled by Dr. Claud Anderson) (25) Columbus, OH; (26) Charlotte, NC; (27) San Francisco, CA; (28) Seattle, WA (29) Hartford, CT; (30) Indianapolis, IN. (Compiled by Charles E. Campbell)

TQR will spread our information and knowledge to every city where Black Afrikan American live. After the goals have been met in the first 30 cities, TQR will select another 30 cities and expand. Even if your city is not listed, you will still benefit from TQR businesses and services.

Business Structure
TQR Management Structure
President & CEO
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President Of Legal Affairs
Vice President Of Marketing
Vice President Of Human Resource
Vice President Of Technology
Vice President Of Business Development

TQR Staff
Staff Accounts
Administrative Staff
Legal Staff
Marketing Staff
Human Resource Staff
Technology Staff
Political & Law Institute
Education Institute
Economic Development Institute
2Independent Accounting Firm
Security Institute
Medical, Social & Research Institute
30 Local Branches of Each Institute
Committee of Conscious Black Afrikan American People (9 Member Board of Directors)

Chapter 2
Economic Development Institute

Economic Development is the corner stone for Black Empowerment. It is the process by which we create and own the business infrastructure in our communities to capture and redistribute dollars spent by Black Afrikan American People for the purpose of empowering and uplifting the entire group toward self-sufficiency. These are the foundation goals that must be implemented to ensure the success of TQR. In order to empower ourselves, we must control the economics of our own communities. Each Institute will operate independent of the others, but using the same structures, procedures and networks.

Rational for each goal:
Economic Development Institute will identify and label all Black Communities located in the 30 identified cities. It is critical that we understand where the Black Community begins and ends. Keep in mind that Black People who live in suburban neighborhoods will be encouraged to support TQR and return to Black Communities to spend their money. Economic Development Institute will establish a National Black Credit Union with 30 local branches for the purpose of collecting and redistributing Black Wealth. TQR must control the storage and access to the wealth invested by our people. By doing so, we ensure that is does not leave our community and circulates a minimum of 25 to 50 times.

Economic Development Institute will establish a National Black Daily Newspaper “Black America Today”. It is extremely important that we provide daily information and to educate and inform our supporters. Black America Today will market our businesses, organizations, institutions and serve as a recruitment vehicle for new members. It will be distributed nationally and report on all branches, states and cities. This newspaper will be operated by TQR Employees as an independent newspaper, that promotes T.Q.R.

Economic Development Institute will establish a National Black Broadcasting Company “Black Broadcasting Network (BBN)” with 30 affiliate TV Stations in the identified cities. BBN or any of its affiliates can never be sold. BBN investigative reporting will expose who continue to use their power and influence to attack our interest. It will promote T.Q.R. through positive programming.

Economic Development Institute will create TQR Radio. Black Formatted Radio Station with 30 affiliate Radio Stations in the 30 cities that will provide national and local Black Radio Shows. TQR Radio will entertain, inform, empower, uplift and educate Black Afrikan Americans daily. Economic Development Institute will purchase programming from the PowerNomics Radio Network. The programming will provide Black People with Black African Culture that is positive, conscious raising, uplifting and empowering. It will serve as a vehicle for recruiting and promoting TQR. TQR Radio Stations or any of its affiliates can never be sold. TQR Radio will investigate and our historic oppressors, who continue to use their power and influence to attack the interest Black Afrikan People.

Economic Development Institute will purchase or Build (300) Black Retail Stores and facilities in the 30 identified communities. We are in desperate need of our own community stores and facilities that provide quality goods and services to Black People. TQR will start with the five national institutions and the branch institutions. We will build retail stores that sell food, clothing, drugs, household goods, furniture, cars, repair shops, banks or credit unions, clinics, hospitals, a steel mill, construction companies, hotels, manufacturing, brewery, food processing plants and distribution warehouses. TQR will partner with 50 or more Black Farmers to grow meats, grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish and seafood. We will control the entire process from growth to retail. TQR will employ Black African Americans. A people who do not have the means or the ability to feed themselves are weak and can be easily subjugated and enslaved.

As funds are collected from everywhere, they will be tracked and redistributed back to local branches for use. (See Attached Revenue Flow Model) Those funds will be used to purchase goods and services from other TQR Businesses. Members will also be able to borrow money for businesses or home repairs and encourage to support businesses within the TQR Network.

The Economic Development Institute will create a Business Development Division that will help with the development of innovative products and services that lead to new industries or Black Businesses entering markets, where they have no significant presents such as telecommunication, manufacturing, insurance, transportation, international trade, consumer electronics, technology and financial services. The Economic Development Institute will provide all infrastructure-building needs.

Chapter 3

Security Institute

The Security Institute will establish Security Companies in 30 branches in the identified cities. Their function will be to provide security for TQR Businesses, Staff, Members and Communities. They will identify persons and organizations who are actively trying to attack, intimidate, threaten or coheres TQR Members, it’s Businesses and Staff. TQR understands that power respects nothing, except equal power. Those who are the power elite will use all their wealth, power, influence, government and political connections to maintain Black Afrikan Americans in their current condition. Samboes are Black People who are benefiting from the system at the expense of other Black Afrikan Americans and will fight to maintain that system by any means.) They have wealth, political positions, income, social, or organizational status and will be afraid that TQR will expose their inappropriate behavior toward Black People. They are advisors and overseers to those who seek to maintain economic control of Black Afrikan People. They will be paid very well to attack, create confusing, division, mistrust and given access to all forms of media for the purpose of destroying TQR. The Security Institute is TQR’s defense.

Security Institute will train 100,000 Conscious Black Afrikan American Students for law enforcement businesses and employment in the 30 identified cities. They will be employed with TQR Security, prisons, county sheriff departments, city police departments, city fire departments, block watch groups and TQR businesses. Their job will be the most difficult of all. They will be charged with protecting TQR from attacks from within and outside. The National Security Institute will train all Security Personnel. Security personnel will rotate from city to city to ensure that the focus is on the job, not personality. The Committee of Conscious Black Afrikan People will review all incidents. There will be no single body that can corrupt or destroy TQR from the inside.

Security Institute will develop and promote policies that benefit Black Afrikan American People. They will monitor police brutality and cooperate with the other institutes to identify and address inappropriate and destructive behavior in Black Afrikan American Communities.

Chapter 4

Education Institute

The Educational Institute is critical for the re-education and training of Black Afrikan Americans to begin to operate in their own groups’ best interest. We must relearn how to love ourselves, protect ourselves, support ourselves, empower ourselves and respect ourselves. Psychological programs applied to Enslaved Black Afrikans and their descendents is what has maintained Black Afrikan Americans at the bottom of everything positive, such as wealth, power, income, education, home, business and land ownership, while maintaining us at the top of every negative category, such as crime, incarceration, unemployment, infant mortality, poverty, drug addition, foster care, homelessness, domestic violence and life expectancy.

Education Institute will identify up to Two Million Black Afrikan American Youth and Adults who want to study in a specific area where there is a clear identified need for those professional in Black Communities. TQR will recruit and train Black Afrikan People to become conscious professionals such as lawyers, physicians, business persons, engineers, nurses, social workers, technical tradesperson, criminal justice personnel, teachers, administrators, construction workers, mechanics, roofers, plumbers, carpenters, welders, painters, electrician, chefs, commercial pilots, ship operators, bankers, accountants, farmers, researchers, politicians and truck drivers. The Education Institute will create four Black Boarding Schools for the purpose of preparing our young men and women for college or job training.

Education Institute will build Three Regional Empowerment Training Centers, where all orientations for new employees and TQR Members will be conducted. Training will be required as process to teach appropriate group behavior. Entire families will attend these centers for up to four weeks. The Training Centers will provide education, food, shelter and skill trainings.

Education Institute will identify and establish partnerships with 50 or more Historically Black Colleges and Universities that are willing to support TQR and the empowerment of Black Afrikan American Students. These universities will become apart of an empowering academic and entertainment setting. We will support and promote their athletics and academic programs. Through research at these colleges and universities, we will create innovative products and services, which will lead to businesses and manufacturing opportunities in Black Afrikan American Communities. TQR will build a graduate and professional university. TQR University will have a law school, medical school, business administration school, engineering and science school and a research center. This private university will not accept federal or state funding. It will be funded solely by TQR and it’s membership.

Education Institute will purchase or build 30 Black Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools in the 30 identified Cities. If we are going to empower ourselves, were must control the education process of our children. A race of people who allows their children to be educated under a system that was designed and created by their historic oppressors are foolish. No other group of people engages in such inappropriate behavior, except Black Afrikan Americans. If you control what a child is being taught, you can ensure that they will behave in a positive and constructive manner. Right knowledge leads to right thinking, which leads to empowering actions. Black Afrikan Americans have nothing to lose and everything to gain by regaining control of our children’s minds and behavior.

Education Institute will provide training for our children and adults to help them learn how to operate in a new environment and consciousness they will be exposed to Rites Of Passage, decision making skills, anger management, parenting education, counseling and spirituality. It will allow supporters to worship whatever religion they choose. Religion has been used and will continue to be used as a divide and conquer strategy. Those who Enslaved Black Afrikans and their descendents also gave us their religion, which does little to empower Black Afrikan Americans. All three training centers will use the same material, policies, practices and information. All information will be design to create Black Afrikan American Conscious People, who will use their money, wealth, education, knowledge and skills for the empowerment of their own people and to compete in the market place. When a child is loved and feels valued, you can teach them truth and they will not reject it.

Chapter 5

Medical, Social and Research Institute

The Medical, Social and Research Institute will have 30 branches in the identified cities and will protect and treat the medical, social and research needs of Black Afrikan People. Medical, Social and Research Institute will research medical cures to disease that affect Black Afrikan American People disproportionately. Black People are being devastated by Aids, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Kidney Disease, and our children are being removed from our communities by social service agencies and place in out of home placement and foster care. This madness will stop! This Institute will research all medical related diseases, economic business opportunities, drugs, new products and services will be created out of this institute. Research will lead to new employment and business opportunities for Black Afrikan People.

Medical, Social and Research Institute will build or purchase thirty hospitals in the identified cities. It is critical that we began to provide adequate health and dental care for our people. This can only be accomplished by owning hospitals and clinics in our communities. Our historic enemies and Samboes will fight very had to prevent this from happening. We will stop the medical attack on our communities and increase the life expectancy of Black Afrikans infants, teens, young adults, adults and elderly through competent, professional medical and dental care. This institute will market, promote and serve as a recruitment strategy for TQR.

Medical, Social and Research Institute will work with the 100,000 students who want to study medicine, dentistry and social service fields. We will train our own physicians, technicians, researchers, dentists, nurses and specialists and ensure that they have a Black Afrikan Consciousness and a love for their people that inspire them to take care of us.

Medical, Social and Research Institute will develop new polices that promote mental, physical and social health of Black Afrikan People. We suffer greatly from the affects of White Supremacy and racism. When a group of people is systematically denied the opportunity to reach their full potential, those actions lead to an increase in mental and emotional stress and sickness. It also leads to criminal behavior as people simply try to survive the best way they can. Given a choice, most Black Afrikan People would choose to work toward the pursuit of their dreams. When they give up because their dreams are no longer a possibility or reality, they survive by any means necessary, legally and/or illegally. TQR will change that by promoting hope.

Medical, Social and Research Institute will rebuild and create 5 Million Strong, Conscious Black African Families. This institute will develop the knowledge and process for systematically creating Black Afrikan Conscious Individuals, Families and Communities. Without such a system, we will continue to behave inappropriately and not in our own best interest as a people. This institute will develop the knowledge that awakens our Black Afrikan Consciousness. It will reduce the number of Black People being incarcerated due to criminal behavior and help repair our community.

Chapter 6

Politics and Legal Institute

The Political and Law Institute will be the Leadership Development Institute. It will select and train 100,000 Black Afrikan American Students interested in politics, law and leadership from all the other institutes. These Conscious Professionals will create a Black National Political Party with offices in the identified 30 cities. It will also fund and support Conscious Black Afrikan Americans Candidates for public elections. They will advocate for the interest of Black Afrikan People nationally and locally. This new leadership will not be afraid to fight for the rights and interest of their people. They will not use broad terms such as minority, diversity or multiculturalism. There are many other groups who advocate affectively for those groups, including many current Black Politicians, who do little or nothing to elevate the acute suffering or provide any significant economic opportunities for Black African American People.

Politics and Legal Institute will develop policies that promote justice and empowerment for Black Afrikan American People. It will track incarceration rates, fight injustices and litigate incidents that disempower Black Afrikan American People, Businesses and Communities. No longer will Black Afrikan Americans be taken advantage of due to the lack of competent, Conscious Black Afrikan American Professionals Lawyers.

Chapter 7

The Quiet Resolution (TQR) is a NATIONAL ACTION PLAN, which seeks to uplift and empower Black African American People in the areas of economics, politics, law, health, research, education, security and socially. TQR is a voluntary plan and will not require approval or the Cooperation of All Black Afrikan People. Some Conscious Black Afrikan People will choose to support TQR, but others will not. That’s okay.

The Quiet Resolution (TQR) welcomes the support of those Black Afrikan Americans who are willing to make a financially commitment to TQR, but Will Not Argue or Debate with those who choose not to support or attack TQR. If you agree with this plan, complete the Bank Draft Authorization Form (BDAF); mail it to WBS, Inc. The Quiet Resolution (TQR) at 3409 East Main Street, Suite 3889 Columbus, Ohio 43213, when TQR is implemented. You can email your feedback me at

The first step is for TQR is to, establish the base, then we will request and collect funds for initial startup cost and begin implementation and create the Committee of Conscious Black People. TQR will accept $20 from individuals and would appreciate any contribution amount they wish to contribute beyond the $20.00 amount. Anyone will be allowed to contribute to this plan regardless of their race, creed or color, but all funds will be redistributed to support TQR Institutions and their goals to empower Black Afrikan American People. Financial support will forever remain voluntary. I am not seeking prestige, political office, recognition or profit from this process. I love Black African and Afrikan American People and I am tired of their suffering. I expect 1 Million or More Black Afrikan American People to support and continue TQR. TQR was specifically designed not around any one individual or personality. TQR is group based and should never promote any individual at the expense of the group. Individuals can be bought, corrupted, jailed or killed. The Honorable Dr. John Henrik Clark, said, “Bury the Man and Continue the Plan” and I agree with that statement.

Black Afrikan American People generate an estimated 600 to 800 Billion Dollars annually, and less that 2% of that remains in the hands of Black Afrikan American People in Black Communities. This is inappropriate behavior that contributes to own destruction. Those who get the other 98% will use every means at their disposal to attack and destroy TQR and anyone associated with it. Together we can make a collective difference.

My goal is to help establish TQR with others who understand the need for it. TQR must function as an Independent Black Afrikan Empowerment System. TQR vision is to create a better world for Black Afrikan People in the present and the future.

TQR Revenue Allocations Over 5 Years
(The Percentage Allocated Will Never Change)

TQR - Administrative Cost @ 2% 22 million
Economic Development Institute @ 45% 500 million
Educational Institute @ 40% 435 million
Legal, and Political Institute @ 3% 50 million
Social, Medical and Research Institute @ 5% 95 million
Security Institute @ 5% 95 million
1.2 Billion Dollars

Total Revenue: $20.00 Per Month X 1,000,000 People = $20,000,000 Per Month
20 Million Dollars Per Month x 12 Months = 240 Million Dollars Per Year
240 Million Per Year x 5 Years = $1,200,000,000 Billion Dollars Over 5 Years

Revenue: $ 1,200,000,000 Over 5 Year Period (Does not include the 20% Business Contributions)
- Expenses $1,199,000,000 Over 5 Year Period
$ 1,000,000 Remaining Over 5 Year Period

The revenue projections are an estimate and do not include the revenue from the 20% Agreement, nor does it include revenue from doing business. Imagine if 3 or 10 Million Black Afrikan Americans supported TQR. That is our potential. TQR will create two separate Independent Financial Auditing Firms that will track and audit all revenue and expenditures at the national office and local branches to make sure fiscal accountability. They will present separate monthly reports to national and local branches and a single annual report to membership. We have been taught not to trust each other through the enslavement process. It will require education, legal contracts and self-love to overcome that. The first question often asked is, who will manage the money? TQR Will!

100,000,000 30 Black Hospitals or Clinics
50,000,000 1 National Daily Newspaper “Black America Today”
30,000,000 30 Black Daily Newspapers
100,000,000 1 National Black Broadcasting Network (BBN)
240,000,000 30 Local BBN Affiliates TV Stations
13,000,000 1 National Black Bank or Credit Union
50,000,000 30 Local Branches of Black Bank or Credit Union
60,000,000 300 Retail Stores In Black Communities
21,000,000 1 National Black Political Party (NBPP)
30,000,000 30 Black Radio Stations
100,000,000 10 Manufacturing and Processing Plants
+ 75,000,000 3 Regional Empowerment Centers
330,000,000 90 Black Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools and 1 Graduate School (TQR University)

$1,199,000,000 Expenses Over 5 Year Period

TQR Revenue Flow

The Quiet Revolution (TQR)
Individual $20 Per Month Contribution
Individual Business Contribution 20% of Monthly Revenue
Economic Development
Social, Health and Research
Politics and Law

300 Retail Businesses,
1 National Black Bank or Credit Union,
1 National Black TV Company & 1 National Daily Newspaper
1 Law Enforcement and SecurityTraining Academy
30 Develop Medical Clinics and 30 Settlement Houses 1 Pharmaceuticals Research Company - 30 Black Hospitals

Identify 2 Million Students,
30 Private Elementary, Middle and High Schools,
3 Training Centers,
1 TQR University and
50 HBCUs or UNCF Higher Educational Partnerships
1 National Black Political Party
30 Local Economic Development Branches
100 Black Farmers Partnerships
30 Local Security Branches
30 30 Social, Health and Research Branches
30 Local Education Branches

30 Local Political & Law Branches
2 Independent Financial Auditing Firm

Regional Empowerment Centers

It is critical that you understand that TQR must develop and implement a process that creates a Black African Consciousness, by exposing Black People to their history and knowledge of our greatest thinkers, even in those who already consider themselves conscious. Everyone, including our great scholars, thinkers, employees, administrators, professionals, and supporters will be required to complete a four week orientation in one of the three Regional Empowerment Centers. One will be located in the Northeast, Mid-south and West Coast. The centers will be large enough to house over 10,000 people and their families. They will operate Elementary, Middle, Junior High and High Schools. They will provide employee orientations and important information about Black African and African American History. All Regional Empowerment Centers will teach everyone the same information through the use of videotapes, audiotapes, books, music and training. They will learn about the strategies that will be used to attack TQR and how to respond. The regional centers will offer Black African Spiritual Liberation Messages, but will not require anyone to participate or change their current religious affiliations.

Our historic enemies and their Black Samboes will use every old and new trick to destroy TQR, starting with the Regional Empowerment Centers. TQR is not an attack against anyone. It is a solution to Empower Black Afrikan American People. TQR is about doing for self, self-love, Black Empowerment and that is what will scare the HELL out of everyone who want things to stay the same. TQR is a voluntary process! No one is mandated to support TQR and therefore no one should have a problem with Black African People getting up off their knees and stop begging our historic oppressor to take care of us.

Dr. Amos Wilson in his book, Afrikan-Centered Consciousness Verse The New World Order – Garveyism in the Age of Globalism- Psychosociohistory and Power as Cultural Creations on page 117-118, explained the need to develop a consciousness in this way. “Most importantly, the thing we must note is that personality, consciousness and culture are cultural creations. The type of cultural people exhibit, the type of consciousness we exhibit the type of personality we exhibit, reflects the type of history and experience we have undergone as a people. When we let another people be the determiners of our history and experience, they then become the determiners of our consciousness, our personality, and our culture. Ultimately, we must recognize that we use consciousness to deal with the world. Culture is an adaptive tool; it’s an instrument by which we deal with reality, by which we adapt to reality and by which we adapt reality to ourselves. The kind of consciousness we have will determine how we deal with reality. Consciousness, then, in the fact that it determines how we are going to deal with reality, how we change reality, is a POWER.

Categorically, POWER is about engaging something to take place, the ability to change oneself in order to solve a problem. And therefore consciousness must be measured in terms of the degree to which it maintains our survival, advances our interest, puts us at the center of our concerns and at the center of our purposes.” What was done to enslaved Afrikan and their descendents was systematic. TQR Empowerment Centers will attempt to correct what was done to us through the enslavement process.

TQR Administration
Direct Deposit “Frequently Asked Questions”

Want to find a quick and easy way to contribute to TQR? Become a consistent contributor - Join our ACH (Automatic Clearing House) Direct Deposit Program!!

Q: What is the ACH Direct Deposit program?
The ACH Direct Deposit program allows supporters to deduct their contributions from their checking or savings account and have that amount electronically transferred to TQR.

Q: How can I join?
Four Easy Steps to participate in Direct Deposit

1. Get a Bank Draft Authorization Form from TQR:
2. Complete the form: original signatures are required.
3. Insert a voided check or a deposit slip
4. Mail to the TQR Black Empowerment Action Plan to the address below when TQR is implemented:

Attn: Charles E. Campbell, President and CEO of Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc. WBS, Inc.
The Quiet Resolution (TQR)
3409 East Main Street, Suite 3889
Columbus, Ohio 43213

A Confirmation Letter will be provided to the Depositor (member) indicating the start date and amount of the transaction.

Q: Can I choose what days to have money withdrawn from my account? Yes.
Weekly- Bi-weekly or Monthly– Based on the biweekly pay schedule

1st, 15th, and/or 30th of the month – you may choose one, two or all three of these dates to have money deducted from your account (for example, you may choose to have money ($10.00) deducted on the 1st and the 15th) of each month or ($20.00) all at one time, or a one time deduction of $20.00.

Q: Can I make changes to my ACH Direct Deposit deductions? Yes. All changes must be received in writing and sent before the 1st of the month in which you want your changes to be effective. You can stop your support of TQR at any time.

Q: What are the benefits of the ACH Direct Deposit program? Enrolling in the ACH Direct Deposit program will guarantee consistent support of TQR. In addition, it will relieve you of the hassle associated with check writing and help save time.

Q: How much should my support be? A minimum of $20.00 Per Month or more. For additional information or questions please e-mail Charles E. Campbell at

Cut this page out and send to TQR when TQR is implemented.

You can also email me at to verify the mailing address or communication.

Steps For Completing the Bank Draft Authorization Form (BDAF)

Step 1: Complete this Bank Draft Authorization Form with your personal banking information.
Step 2: Make a copy for your records.
Step 3: Inform your Bank or Credit Union of your plan to support TQR.
Step 4: Mail the BDAF to: Worldwide Business Solution, Inc. (WBS, Inc) C/O The Quiet Resolution (TQR) 3409 East Main Street, Suite 3889 Columbus, Ohio 43213 Send NO Money until after TQR has been implemented.

To Be Completed By TQR
Name: Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc.
C/O The Quiet Resolution (TQR)
Address: 3409 East Main Street, Suite 3889
City, State: _Columbus, Ohio ____
Zip Code: _43213__________
Savings Account Name: TQR Fund
Savings Account Number: _______
Routing Number: ______________

Your Name: ___________________
Address: ___________________
City, State & Zip: ____________
Bank/ Credit Union: ___________
Account Number: ____________
Routing Number: ______________

For Checking Accounts Attach A Voided Check

I want to have $30 drafted from my account one time per month.
I want to have $20 drafted from my account one time per month.(Minimum Amount)
I want to have $10 drafted from my account two times per month on the first and fifteenth.
I want to have ______ drafted from my account ____ times per month.

Starting Date: ___________________

Bank Draft Authorization:
I authorize (my bank) to send from my account as indicated above in support of The Quiet Resolution (TQR). Until this authorization is revoked in writing and received by my bank at least ten (10) business days before the date of processing my request, my bank is authorized to transfer (ACH Process) this amount and to charge the same from my account. I further agree to notify The Quiet Resolution (TQR) in writing, if I withdraw this authority.

Signature of Account Holder(s): ______________________________________
Date: __________________________

If you would like to sign up to support The Quiet Resolution (TQR), send your contact information to me at We will need 1 Million People to send $20.00 when it is implemented.